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You're Engaged! Now What?

You just got engaged! Congrats! But you are probably wondering, what's next? Do I need to start planning immediately, secure a date, send invites...?! No need to worry! We will help break down exactly what your first steps after engagement should be!


Amongst all the excitement, take some time to soak up this special season! Whether you are having a long or short engagement, enjoy it! Take the first couple weeks (depending on the length of your engagement) and spend some time together before the wedding hustle really sets in! Tell your family and friends, share on social media & get excited for what's to come! If you want, throw yourselves an engagement party or enlist family and friends to put one together for you!

Manicured & Insured

Treat yourself to a manicure to make sure your nails are looking photo ready! Everyone is going to be asking to see the ring so be ready to show it (and your nails) off! Speaking of the ring, this is a great time to get it insured if your fiancé hasn't already.

Guest List

I highly recommend starting to put your guest list together when you know the engagement is in the near future. This will help to relieve a ton of stress once you do get engaged and gives you the opportunity to start collecting everyone's addresses. It is super important that you get a really solid guest list in place as soon as possible. So much of your planning will be determined off this list including budget (yep the more people typically the more expensive), venue, food, rentals, etc. Decide if you are cool with plus ones, co-workers, your parents' friends... Remember it is your wedding, so do what feels right for both of you and your vision!

Create A Plan

It is a great idea to come up with a loose game-plan before starting your wedding planning. First, decide what the most important pieces of the wedding are for each of you. You can do this by both making lists of your top 3 most important things for the wedding and then compare and see what overlaps. Maybe its food, music and the venue. Then you can start to understand where you want to potentially spend the bulk of your wedding budget and attention. Also come up with roles. For example, maybe you will be in charge of picking and booking the music while your fiancé is in charge of keeping track of the RSVP's. You can and probably will split some jobs, but it is an easy way to keep one person from doing all the work.


Once you decide what the most important factors are for your wedding, you are going to want to figure out your wedding budget. I know. Not that fun, but you need to do it and the sooner the better! Having a clear budget will really help narrow down what vendors and services to choose, and will ensure you have enough money left after the wedding to start your life together!

Potential Dates

Start by narrowing down the year, season, month and then a few potential dates that you would like to get married on. All of your vendors are going to want to know what your wedding date is so they can see if they are available. Many vendors can only take on one or a limited number of weddings on a given day so it is super important that you have this information. If you have decided that the venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, then being a bit more flexible with your date would be a good idea just in case your dream venue doesn't have your first date available.

Next Steps

Once you have done some celebrating & brainstorming, you can really start diving into the big decisions of the planning process! Just remember to have fun with the process and remember the only thing that really matters is that you get to marry your best friend! Happy planning!

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