• Courtney Bailey

What Do Wedding Planners Really Do?

Are you about to embark on your wedding planning journey and trying to decide if a wedding planner is a good fit for you? Maybe you have been reading loads of wedding blogs and keep hearing about wedding planner's but aren't really sure what we offer? Or maybe you are a DIY queen, organization is your thing and you want to be apart of making all the decisions when it comes to your wedding... All of these are totally valid and common concerns when it comes to hiring a wedding planner. Since every planner is different in our personalities, style, price and services, it can be very confusing trying to figure out if it is the right investment for you. Today we want to break down all the roles that a wedding planner will potentially play when it comes to helping plan and execute your big day!

Where do we even start!? Wedding planners just like so many other wedding vendors, do a slew of tasks and play a bunch of roles in creating your dream wedding. From playing liaison between family members, guiding you through all the details and helping you through day-of jitters, we've got your back. Here is a list of just some of the things that wedding planner's can do for you:

1. Be your biggest cheerleader!

2. Create an incredible vendor team of industry professionals (whom we most likely have worked with before & love), communicate with all vendors throughout the entire wedding planning process, and coordinate everyone on the day of your wedding

3. Perfectly space plan your venue to optimize the flow of events and comfort of your guests

4. Help you create your dream wedding design that is personal to you and your love story

5. Be available to give planning advise, tips & tricks and share all of our vast industry knowledge and expertise

6. Be the middle-man between you, your mother who wants the wedding to be her dream wedding, friends who invite a plus-one when you didn't plan on it... trust us, things happen and you do not want to be the one dealing with these issues on your big day!

7. Create the perfect wedding day timeline customized to fit all your events seamlessly

8. Send you and your bridal party down the aisle at just the right time for the photographer to get nice clean shots

9. Coordinate with the catering manager throughout the wedding day so the food comes out hot and delicious

10. Arriving to the wedding with an emergency kit ready for anything that may happen

11. Making sure you and your fiancé stay fed and hydrated throughout the day

12. Touch-up your lipstick, straighten his bow tie, pin the boutonnieres...

13. Deal with Cousin Kathy when she had a bit too much to drink

14. Help flower girls & ring bearers down the aisle when they get a little scared

15. Make sure all your personal & decor items are perfectly placed and ready for guest arrival

16. Collect all cards & gifts and keep them safe until the end of the event, typically even placing them in a designated car so they are all ready to go

17. Carefully pack up all decor and personal items and make sure vendors also pickup their equipment, rentals, or florals

& So Much More!!!

Wedding planners & coordinators really are a necessity when it comes to wedding planning. With our help you are able to finally enjoy all the time and effort (and money) you invested into this exciting event! Plus you get to do it with your friends and family by your side!

Comment below & tell me something that you didn't realize we did as wedding planners, something that you loved about working with a wedding planner, or something you didn't realize you would ever have to do as a planner!

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