• Courtney Bailey

Coffee? Yes Please!

Wanna know one of my FAVORITE things to see offered at a wedding? A COFFEE STATION! Like baristas, a gorgeous espresso machine and the most incredible smell floating through the air kinda coffee station!

No joke, I have had some of THE BEST coffee at weddings from these vendors. Everyone is getting tired and a little run down. We most likely have not eaten enough and have been on our feet all day... We need a pick me up! I am pretty sure I can speak for everyone at your wedding but especially your vendors when I say THANKS FOR THE FUEL! One of my favorite coffee vendors is Urban Espresso.

Typically the coffee station (also called an espresso bar), is available to guests during the reception, usually after dinner service. Think late night snack, but in coffee form! When setting up your espresso bar, you want to be mindful of guest flow. Try and keep them central to the post-wedding festivities so everyone has easy access to them, but also be sure they are in a spot where a line can form and not intrude on your party.

Have you been to a wedding that offered an espresso bar? What did you think of it?

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